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Tao Chang Open House, Sydney - Wednesdays*

Tao Chang Open House, Sydney - Wednesdays*

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Experience a new dimension in personal healing. Enhance your health, emotional balance, relationships, finances, and more.

Discover the power of the Source Field for transforming all life, as 3 cities link hearts and souls around Australia during our live Wednesday night healing sessions.

We all have challenges that prevent us from experiencing true joy and happiness in our lives. These challenges may present themselves in your health (back pain, knee pain, digestive issues and more), your work, your relationships or your finances or business. You may wonder "what is the purpose of my life ?”. You may experience intense emotional imbalances through anxiety, depression, grief, sadness, worry, anger, frustration and more.

Inside the Tao Chang (Source Field) you may find the answer. You may feel more alive, more at peace, more love, more happiness, more joy and you may finally stop searching.

Experience the power of the Tao Chang for yourself. You will learn simple practical 5 Power Techniques that you can apply for yourself. Every first time visitor receives a book as our gift. Lovely warm cup of tea is always available beforehand and after the session.

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The Tao Chang is created through Tao Calligraphy. Tao Calligraphy carries the purest Matter (Jing) Energy (Qi ) and Message (Shen) of Tao and Oneness. It carries the Jing Qi Shen of Tao, which is emptiness or nothingness.

Inside the emptiness and nothingness of the Tao Chang Source Field there are limitless possibilities for whole life transformation.



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